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While tinkering with this whole concept, uniqueness and vision of mastery and strength is what I have in mind. I thought of a design where holder of such distinct emblems would feel significant and rewarded from making efforts and loyalty to possess such a beautiful role in the community and of the Metis DAO. These badges show those traits. I am confident that whoever owns such a rewarding gift like this would feel admired and welcomed. I also provided an email below for inquiries. Email: [email protected] G-drive link:

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Metis NFT Badge Contest

Get creative with Metis! Design NFT artwork for the official launch of Matrix, a Reputation Power system powered by MetisDAO Foundation. Metis is looking for unique NFT badges to represent achievements earned by members of our community. STEP 1: Submit one graphic displaying the following six badge designs: 1. Metis Master 2. Metis Citizen 3. Andromeda Buidler 4. Metis Fren 5. Metis Artiste 6. Metis Mosaic View an example graphic and description about each badge here: • Example: • Descriptions: cD9dd96C9e06e62338662C2/afAF9E1RZR rGxZSsrFDY_BFdlVMMr3hdP7kEvpYcfNQ STEP 2: Include in your submission’s DESCRIPTION a PUBLIC LINK to a Google Drive folder with each badge design as separate files. *IMPORTANT STEP 3: Once your graphic is uploaded, hop in the Telegram groups below to share a link for your submission: • MetisDAO: • Matrix: For colors and branding inspo, check out the Metis media kit:

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